Violence as a Health Issue

Last week, my cousin was brutally beaten and was hospitalized for serious head injuries. My cousin wanted to help a young female he felt was threaten by another male. When he approached that male and asked him to leave the young woman alone, he was immediately offended and began to beat my cousin up. The other man also carried a gun and fired three times onto the air and left my bleeding cousin on the floor.
I have often wondered within these last few days about what if my cousin would have been shot;if those three bullets would have ever touched his skin.
The problem with violence today is that it is not recognized as a health issue that is largely effecting our communities. Many communities, especially those with a large amount of minorities face an act of violence on a daily basis. Many people affected by violence end up in ER rooms and in prison but the circle of violence continues to twirl and grow.
Once we as a society begin to recognize violence as a health issue– the more we can focus on provide the appropriate care for our communities.


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