Possible HIV preventive drug

Finally, there is a positive step in prevention for HIV/AIDS on the horizon. There is a pending FDA vote on whether they will approve Truvada medication as a preventive treatment for healthy people who are at high risk through sexual intercourse. Currently there are no other drugs have been approved to prevent HIV infection. Since Truvada has been already in the market as part of a cocktail drug therapy for those already HIV infected, the pharmaceutical company would be able to advertise it as a preventive drug if the FDA approves it as such, which means more profit. What’s at stake is the health of the people if the drug is unaffordable for those at high risk in a lower economic status.

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Sexual Abuse During Childhood is a Culprit for Some Adults with HIV

By Lissette Talledo

Duke University Researchers have found that about one in four adults with HIV were sexually abused as children.  This psychological trauma can be indicative of increased likelihood for HIV/AIDS and faster health decline.

The researchers studied more than 600 patients with HIV, ages 20 to 71, and found that about a quarter of them were indeed abused sexually at a young age.

They also found that about half of the patients experienced three or more traumatic events throughout their lives such as enduring physical abuse, or suffering the loss of a child.

Such traumatic experiences were indicative of worse health-related behaviors including instances of unprotected sex.

One can thus conclude the reasons behind reckless sexual behavior, which can lead to a person contracting HIV.

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