El CDC presenta sugerencias para evitar enfermedades transmitidas pos alimentos


De acuerdo con el CDC, o el Centro para el control y la prevención de enfermedades,

en el 2008, se reportaron 1,034 brotes de enfermedades trasmitidas por los alimentos. Estos brotes causaron más de 23,152 casos de enfermedades y 22 muertes.

El CDC se refiere al consumo de carne, pollo, y pescado.

Para evitar tal enfermedades, sugieren lo siguiente,

  • Limpiar. Lavarse las manos y limpiar las tablas para cortar, los utensilios y las superficies para preparar alimentos.
  • Separar. Mantener la carne, el pollo o el pescado y los mariscos crudos separados de los alimentos listos para comer.
  • Cocinar. Use un termómetro de alimentos para asegurarse de que la comida esté cocinada a una temperatura interna que sea segura:
  • 145 °F para carnes (dejando que la carne repose por 3 minutos antes de cortarla o consumirla),
  • 160 °F para carnes molidas y
  • 165 °F para todas las aves.
  • Refrigerar. Mantenga el refrigerador a una temperatura menor de 40 °F y refrigere los alimentos que se pueden echar a perder.

Tener mucho cuidado al preparar comida para niños, mujeres embarazadas, personas con estado de salud delicado y ancianos.

Como el consumo de carne ha sido relacionado con enfermedades tales como el diabetes, el alto colesterol y enfermedades del corazón, se sugiere limitar el consumo de carne. Elige pollo, avestruz, o pescado en vez de carne de res. Según, el FDA la mayoría de la gente tiene que consumir 50 gramos de proteína al día y no mas.

Revolucionaria droga contra el cáncer de seno

medicina para el cancerPor: Brenda García

Cada año en los Estados Unidos, se diagnostican más que 230.000 nuevos casos del cáncer de seno. Pero, un nuevo medicamento para tratar el cáncer de mama, fue aprobado por La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos (F-D-A). Este es el primero de su tipo para tratar esta enfermedad mortal. La función de esta medicina es matar o atacar a las células tumorales mientras mantienen intactas a las células sanas.

Los investigadores han descubierto que los pacientes que han usado este fármaco llamado, “Kadcycla” han vivido hasta dos años y medios más que pacientes que han usado medicinas tradicionales. Por eso, los científicos de la F-D-A aprobaron  el medicamento en base a los estudios que mostró el “Kadcycla.” Esta droga ha demostrado que es posible a retrasar el progreso del cáncer de mama.


Peanut Butter Safety


With the black licorice recall closely followed by the recent peanut butter recall, one has to think twice about how safe our food supply is- an how much faith the consumer has in our food manufacturers. In the United States, we have a strongly enforced set of standards and regulations set in place and enforced by the federal Food and Drug Administration. But still, every year people get sick and die often before tainted food is discovered and recalled.


Recently, black licorice was found to have dangerous amounts of lead in it. Does any one else wonder how much lead is dangerous, or better yet, why licorice is allowed to have any lead in it at all? And the salmonella outbreak found in peanut, cashew and almond butters produced by Sunland Inc. and sold primarily at what are supposed to be health, natural grocery outlets like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods? The scariest part of all is the market for peanut butter includes a high percentage of young children.


Although for the most part, grocers and manufacturers act swiftly and responsibly at the first sign of unsafe food (Trader Joe’s voluntarily recalled all similar products upon learning of the outbreak), we can never know for sure whats in our food supply. And I doubt most of us have the time or resources to grow our own gardens and raise our own livestock, so we can really do little else than hope we aren’t one of the unlucky one to “help discover” tainted foods.


There are a few things we can do to safeguard ourselves from avoidable food poisoning; make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly, take care when selecting meats, fish and eggs for maximum freshness and always wash your produce! Also, take care in your own homes and kitchens to avoid cross-contamination of fresh foods, keeping your meats, dairy, and produce sealed and separated.

Two Farms Quarantined for Mad Cow Disease

By Lissette Talledo

The U.S. Department of Agriculture have quarantined two farms as they continue to investigate mad cow disease. Last month the USDA discovered mad cow disease at a California dairy farm.

Last week, the USDA documented the fourth confirmed case of mad cow disease in California. Mad cow disease is a brain wasting disease which affects cattle.

USDA  officials said the cow was not a threat since it wasn’t set out for human consumption.

The farm where the cow was discovered is being quarantined as well as another farm which is closely related to the first one.

They are investigating to see if there are more diseased cows in either of the two farms.

India Drugmaker Cipla Cuts Prices of Generic Drug

By Lissette Talledo

Indian drugmaker Cipla has cut the generic version of Bayer’s Nevaxar by 75 percent. These are lung and brain cancer drugs which will be sold at 6,840 Rupees a month.

That is compared to how much Bayer sells these drugs for at 284, 428 per month.

Cipla says they do not expect these price cuts will affect their revenue. The products already have low volumes.

The reason for their decision is to make these drugs more affordable to patients.

Bayer is suing Cipla for patent infringement over Nexavar in court.

This occurred two months after India decided to allow another drugmaker to make a cheaper version of drugs despite Bayer’s objections.

Worldwide Premature births: More than 1 out 10 babies

By Lissette Talledo

The World Health Organization released a joint report that suggests 15 million babies around the world are born prematurely each year. One million of them die immediately after birth.

Babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature, whereas full term babies are born at 40 weeks.

Being born premature is the second-leading cause of death in children under 5 worldwide. However, those who do survive may develop learning difficulties and other problems.

UN experts say that simple and inexpensive care can help keep these babies alive.

One example of that would be preventing cord infection by using antiseptic cream.

There are inequalities in survival rates for different countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sexual Abuse During Childhood is a Culprit for Some Adults with HIV

By Lissette Talledo

Duke University Researchers have found that about one in four adults with HIV were sexually abused as children.  This psychological trauma can be indicative of increased likelihood for HIV/AIDS and faster health decline.

The researchers studied more than 600 patients with HIV, ages 20 to 71, and found that about a quarter of them were indeed abused sexually at a young age.

They also found that about half of the patients experienced three or more traumatic events throughout their lives such as enduring physical abuse, or suffering the loss of a child.

Such traumatic experiences were indicative of worse health-related behaviors including instances of unprotected sex.

One can thus conclude the reasons behind reckless sexual behavior, which can lead to a person contracting HIV.

Migraines and depression

By Tamara Nuno

There is more and more people who are getting migranes and it is can lead to you developing depression. To learn that 40% of middle aged women have a high chance of developing depression if they constantly get a migrane is alarming.

I think that stress leads to a lot of people developing migranes and I think that we have to try not to stress and just not allow our bodies to get unrestful. I suffered from a  lot of headaches when I was younger but luckily I have not really had any migranes thus far. I only had one and that was a painful one.

Noonan syndrome

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La Anorexia Es Un Transtorno

La anorexia infantil se ha convertido en uno de los padecimientos mas peligrosos que afrontan los niños hoy en dia.

En muchas ocasiones, mientras muchos padres trabajan practicamente todo el dia, el descuido y el poco tiempo que dedican a sus hijos en un buen sistema alimenticio a generado fatales consecuencias. A tal grado que se ha convertido en la causa principal que genera este mal, la anorexia.

De acuerdo a expertos la anorexia infantil afecta  a uno de cada tres niños menores de 8 años.

Los expertos indican que las tensiones causadas por la anorexia en muchos casos son generadas por las discusiones entre sus familiares, la falta de amor, comprencion, padres sobreprotectores,  entre muchas otras cosas.

Para mas informacion en como poder alludar a sus hijos pueden visitar la pajina

Los expero la proxima semana en Salud al dia.



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