Revolucionaria droga contra el cáncer de seno

medicina para el cancerPor: Brenda García

Cada año en los Estados Unidos, se diagnostican más que 230.000 nuevos casos del cáncer de seno. Pero, un nuevo medicamento para tratar el cáncer de mama, fue aprobado por La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos (F-D-A). Este es el primero de su tipo para tratar esta enfermedad mortal. La función de esta medicina es matar o atacar a las células tumorales mientras mantienen intactas a las células sanas.

Los investigadores han descubierto que los pacientes que han usado este fármaco llamado, “Kadcycla” han vivido hasta dos años y medios más que pacientes que han usado medicinas tradicionales. Por eso, los científicos de la F-D-A aprobaron  el medicamento en base a los estudios que mostró el “Kadcycla.” Esta droga ha demostrado que es posible a retrasar el progreso del cáncer de mama.

Rest Easy, America: Bacon Shortage ‘Highly Unlikely’

You may have heard during the week about the “unavoidable” bacon shortage that is poised to reign over the world. Oh, the hamanity!

Why is this news? Well, mostly because this is how a majority of people in America react to bacon:

Yes, the Midwest drought led to a very disappointing corn harvest, which led to raised prices on pig feed, making it much more difficult for farmers to earn a profit. It has also led to farmers killing more pigs and taking whatever money they could get. Reuters reported on Thursday that more pigs were slaughtered in August than in any month in U.S. history.

But an actual bacon shortage? That can be stopped by basic economics, University of Missouri agricultural economist Ronald Plain told the Huffington Post.

“If we run out (of bacon) today, we’ll have more tomorrow,” Plain said. “And we’re not going to run out, because if we start to get low inventory, the price steps up. Bellies are selling for $1.13 a pound today — and if we run out, they’ll get more expensive. Packers will be happy to charge you $5 a pound if you want to pay it, and they’ll make sure we don’t run out.”

So don’t worry. You’ll be able to have your strips of bacon; you’ll just have to take more out of your wallet to buy them. Will this lead you to think twice before picking some up at the grocery store in the future? Maybe higher bacon prices are a good thing, especially considering a recent study found that processed red meat was associated with a 10 percent increased risk of prostate cancer with every 10 grams of increased intake. Another recent huge study showed that just one serving of processed meat per day increased your risk of premature death by 20 percent.

You got a problem with that? Eat mor chikin.

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