7 Exercises And Gym Machines To Skip

The leg extension machine “ties an unnatural movement with a dangerous weight placement.”

I understand the concept of how fooling your muscles leads to a more productive workout. You want to challenge as many muscles groups as possible, all while switching up your reps and weights over time

But in the end, I always think that if it hurts a little bit, it must be working. That’s my naive viewpoint. I have a fairly strict routine at a gym, with which I use machines that I am familiar and comfortable. I’ve never been one for change, and that kind of carries over for me into physical exercise, even though I know that’s how you run into the plateau effect.

Anyway, Shape Magazine has listed seven exercises and gym machines to avoid, stating that people aren’t getting the perceived rewards out of certain exercises at home and in the gym (Sorry for the annoying slide show).

Personally, I use the lat pulldown machine often and do lot of overhead stretching exercises with hand weights. The most interesting tidbit, in my opinion, comes from Nick Tumminello of Performance University and what people are doing wrong when they do seated torso rotation:

This movement will tone your abs “at the price of beating up on your spine.”


Each slide also gives readers hints on what to do instead to still earn that desired result in place of the criticized exercise. Take a look at the list, and let us know how/if its words will cause you to alter your workout routine.

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