Is Organic Food Worth the Expense?


I’ve been committed to buying organic produce for several years now, and on average I’ve noticed that I pay almost double for my organic produce. There has been plenty of research foretelling of the dangers of consuming excessive pesticides which we assume to be found on regular produce. But Stanford University released a study which has made me reconsider the necessity of my expensive preference. Study author Dr. Dena Brevata says that overall there is little difference or impact on health for adults whether we consume organic or regular produce.

There are of course, some benefits in choosing organics. For one thing, it’s better for the environment to produce food without using toxic chemicals. The study also showed that antioxidants were richer in organic produce than in that residues in childrens’ urine was 30 percent lower when they switched to organic produce.

To keep costs low and stick with the greener option, I reccommend choosing grocery stores like Sprouts and Trader Joes rather than the pricier Whole Foods. Check out your local farmer’s markets as well, this is a good way to find veggies free from pesticides and support your local growers.

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