Natural Products Expo


By Ivana Bozic

The LA Times did a fantastic job covering the Natural Products Expo in Anaheifor those who weren’t able to attend or simplyweren’t aware. I think it’s important to look at some of the trends they reported on to understand how families are slowlymaking changes.

For a long time children went to school with Capri Sun juices and Gushers fruit chews. With childhood obesity becoming as widespread in America as it is parents are trying to take steps to help their children lead healthier lives.

Juice can now be replaced with different flavored water and unhealthy snacks such as chips can be substituted with kale chips or banana chips. Making the transition to healthier eating habits for kids isn’t as tough as it may seem because companies are working towards making natural products as delicious as they are healthy.

I think one of the most important decisions I made regarding my health was to stop eating meat and incorporate natural foods into my diet to replace the nutrients I would be missing. I automatically noticed that I was having an easier time after meals because I had more energy and didn’t feel stuffed when I was full.

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