Facebook Study

By: Ivana Bozic

I think this article on Facebook relationship status’ is really interesting because it shows how important social media is to some people.

I don’t have a Facebook anymore for many reasons but one of the main ones was due to other people posting what I thought was irrelevant or just plain childish. When I first made my Facebook page it was fairly new and there weren’t so many “extras” like there are now with applications being added on and new interfaces. Facebook was simple.

Now I see my friends going crazy with refreshing their main page every few minutes and ignoring responsibilities because they simply must see what their boyfriend or girlfriend is talking about and to who they are sending messages.

Relationships on Facebook are becoming more and more difficult to wrap my head around. Just the other day my friend pointed out a girl who changed her relationship status and then commented about how in love she was and how she was going to marry her boyfriend only to two days later change the status to “single” again. It’s become sort of an obsession to some to change their status right away so people can see that they have a significant other. People lose sleep over this and there have been enough cases resulting in murder or assault simply off of someones relationship activity on their profile.

I think Facebook jealousy is just going to get worse and unhealthier for people.

1 Comment

  1. DeAngelo H. said,

    May 7, 2012 at 6:03 am

    The relationship statuses on Facebook have gotten a little out of control. Facebook has become an obsession for people trying to keep up their Facebook image. I feel that once you start posting pictures and constantly updating your relationship status you have to continual to do so to save face in the eyes of family and friends who are privy to your page. People have become more concerned with maintaining their Facebook profile while neglecting their real life. I have been guilty of paying to much attention to my Facebook profile at times, which is why I deactivate my page from time to time.

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