Antidepressant Study

By: Ivana Bozic

I think the most common misconception about antidepressants is that they’re dangerous for everyone and especially younger people. Family members on my mom’s side have all suffered with depression and I fell into that category as well. It was never talked about or mentioned in my house but I remember when I became old enough to understand the commercials on TV talking about it and I asked my mom what it meant.

Five years later I had therapy appointments and I was taking antidepressants. I don’t remember waking up one morning and saying I feel sad I should tell someone, it was something that kept building up and my family began to notice I was changing. I had no idea anything was different about me but those around me sure did.

The LA Times claims a study now suggests that antidepressants don’t influence suicidal thoughts in young people and I think this is extremely important to talk about.  I don’t know what I would be like today if I didn’t have proper treatment for my depression, it’s not just something that can be cured with a long nap or watching a funny movie.

It almost seemed taboo for a while to even mention that your child was taking antidepressants because there were so many negative connotations associated with them and yet here they are still getting me through my daily routines. I never felt anything remotely related to suicide or self harming but I do know that I struggled with both before being diagnosed.

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