State allows young teens to get tatoo

By Tamara Nuno

Community leaders in Webster Massachusetts is allowing teens aged 14 to get tattoos. Many parents are outraged by this. The Webster Board of Health passed a new regulation allowing young teens ages 14 to 17 to get tattoos at shops that are licensed if they get parental approval. Town officials are trying to keep teenagers away from unlicensed tattoo parlors who work out of their homes.

I think that this is a topic that many people don’t bring up often. I heard about it by listening to sports radio this morning. The host was giving his top two stories to end his show with.


I don’t think any state should    pass any legislation to allow young teens  to get a tattoo. Parents of teens ages 14 will not want their children to get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo at 14 is too young. I wonder if this kind of legislation will make its way to other states such as California or New York.


For video of this story:

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  1. DeAngelo H. said,

    April 12, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Sometime it’s just not so smart to cater towards the arc of society. I understand that at a young age kids are being influenced by everything the hear and see on T.V. but I believe it’s a parent job to discuss the effects of wanting semi permanent things such as tattoos that serve no purpose. As far as the legislation kids don’t need tattoos at 14 so there would be no need to pass this type of bill. I understand the need to keep kids from going to in-house tattoo parlors but by making things available to teens I feel like it promotes the problem. I do feel that the world is more open now and tattoos are finding their place in society, but teens on the other hand don’t necessarily need tattoos before they find their place in society. All in all it’s still in the parents hand to sign the consent form so I guess the Board of Health figured it would happen one way or another.

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