Small babies increase risk for heart disease

By Tamara Nuno

A full-term pregnancy with a small baby may cause changes in a woman’s cardiovascular system increasing her risk for heart disease.

The study was published in the March issue of PLos One.

Researchers studied around six thousand women who had delivered full-term babies.

Three hundred and nine of them were five pounds eight ounces.

Women who had small babies were at twice the risk for heart disease than those who had not.

The study concluded that they couldn’t explain the direct cause of heart disease in women having small babies.

The healthier evolution of Latin dishes

By Katherine Acuna

The rising obesity rates in the Latino community may have numerous factors, such as medical, environmental or economic. But, sometimes it may have its roots in the home, particularly the kitchen: Homemade dishes filling up the home and soul with its hearty aroma of spices, hot peppers and meats. Problems from the outside world seem to melt away when sitting before a steaming hot plate of pan fried crispy corn tortillas filled with carnitas (shredded pork meat) with a trickle of salsa ranchera, sour cream, side of lard fried pinto beans and fried rice. And to wash it all down, a nice cold refreshing pineapple soda or cola or, more likely, Mexican beer.

A delicious combination that is repeated on a daily basis, which inevitable leads to health problems associated with high fat, sugary foods. Yet, banishing them forever is not a feasible solution for most, because these dishes are part of the culture and strongly fused with familial bonds. That is why transforming them into a healthier version by replacing high fat ingredients with fat-free or low fat versions, baking instead of frying and sparkling water with fruit instead of soda, can remain without hurting us. Future generations will thank us.

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Sexual Abuse During Childhood is a Culprit for Some Adults with HIV

By Lissette Talledo

Duke University Researchers have found that about one in four adults with HIV were sexually abused as children.  This psychological trauma can be indicative of increased likelihood for HIV/AIDS and faster health decline.

The researchers studied more than 600 patients with HIV, ages 20 to 71, and found that about a quarter of them were indeed abused sexually at a young age.

They also found that about half of the patients experienced three or more traumatic events throughout their lives such as enduring physical abuse, or suffering the loss of a child.

Such traumatic experiences were indicative of worse health-related behaviors including instances of unprotected sex.

One can thus conclude the reasons behind reckless sexual behavior, which can lead to a person contracting HIV.

Extra Smoking Counseling Found Ineffective

By Lissette Talledo

A study in the British Medical Journal says that intensive counseling, as well as offering free nicotine patches, does not help smokers quit.
Researchers from the University of Nottingham found that this additional support does not contribute with people giving up on smoking.

They studied more than 2,500 smokers and followed up on them after a year and found no significant results in groups given either intensive counseling or nicotine patches versus groups who didn’t receive those treatments.

The Department of Health in England and the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies funded this study to see if they can improve their services. Because of the lack of positive results, the Department of Health will not offer those services for the NHS Smoking Helpline.

Vitamin Pills = Sudden Death?

By Lissette Talledo

A new Danish study has found vitamin pills can lead to sudden death. This research was conducted with trials all over the world and it was found that people taking these supplements had higher risks of sudden death than those who did not.

Vitamin A, E, and betacarotene increase mortality by about four percent.

About 15 percent of people living in North America and Europe take dietary supplements.

The researcher who led the study urges people who are healthy to avoid taking these pills since consuming them is risky.

Researchers currently do not know the underlying cause for the increase in sudden death from vitamin pills.

Scientists Discover Protein Responsible for Male Baldness

By Lissette Talledo

The cure for male pattern baldness may arrive fairly soon!

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have narrowed down baldness to a single protein which causes hair loss. Researchers used men with baldness, as well as lab mice, in their studies. They found that this protein is abundant in the hair follicles found in bald spots but not in those with hair. Testosterone also plays a role by causing hair follicles to shrink, which creates a baldness appearance.

Drugs are currently in clinical trials and there may be a cream that could treat baldness. The treatment that is being developed could possibly be used as a preventative measure and could also help hair regrow.

Underweight Model Ban in Israel

By Lissette Talledo

The Israeli government has passed a law which bans the use of underweight models. Publications will have to specify if the image has been manipulated to make the model appear thinner. Models in Israel are now required to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 18.5 percent. They will have to present updated medical records of their weight when applying to jobs. Supporters say the images of underweight models contribute to eating disorders in young girls. In Israel currently, around 2 percent of girls ages 14 to 18 have severe eating disorders. Critics say the focus should be on the model’s health instead of her weight since some are naturally thin.

Drinking sugary drinks increase heart disease risk

By Tamara Nuno

I think that this article opened my eyes and just reiterates to me that consuming a lot of things with sugar is not good for you.

This article is something that men should look at to help them lower their risk of heart disease. This article further shows that people should try to drink more water or liquids that contain not a lot of sugar.

Drinking lots of drinks with sugar has lots of calories that allow people to gain weight which puts you at risk for diseases. Men need to also go to the hospital for checkups more even if they may feel healthy. My dad would benefit from this article because he does drink a lot of sugary drinks.

Women pay more for health insurance than men

By Tamara Nuno

I thought this was very interesting and didn’t think that there is that gender gap in health insurance.

I know that in the workplace men get paid more than women. Women get charged more for health insurance I can see their reasoning behind it.

Women do go to the doctor more than women but I think that they should not be charged more because of it. This I feel is another way for the government to show that women and men are not equal when it comes to matters like this. I don’t think it is fair and feel that the new healthcare law in 2014 hopefully will try to deviate from that.

Eating red meat can be detrimental to your health

By Tamara Nuno

Eating red meat can be toxic to health because it contains chemicals such as nitrates. I was a little surprised to read this article but not too surprised because I know that beef and pork are not good for your health.

I am proud that I have given those two meats up and it has been years since I have eaten those types of meat. I don’t each too much meat. I only eat turkey and chicken and lots of fish.

I am trying to cut down my meat consumption because we shouldn’t be eating too much meat. This article really opened my eyes and I hope that my family follows suit and tries to cut out these meats in their diet.

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