By Tamara Nuno

Today there are a lot of products that help with your digestive system. Probiotics is one of them. The video talks about the positives of it and why people should use them to help with their overrall health. It can also help you during cold and flu season.

The are some skeptics out there who might not agree with taking probiotics but I they can be used to help regulate your digestive track. I use them and they have helped me. I have not seen any negative side effects thus far from taking them, and I have been taking them for years now.

The Demise of Cancer Screening Programs Increases Risk for Low-Income Women

Mammogram screening

By Katherine Acuna

Cancer screening programs once offered free for low-income women are becoming non-existent due to government budget cuts, which may be fatal for some.
A major factor to survive a breast or cervical cancer diagnosis is through early detection because the most forms of cancer are more responsive to treatment in the early stages of the disease. The most affected are Latino and African-American women, about 47 percent of nation’s uninsured, according to the Department of Health and Human Service’s annual report. With fewer programs available and increasing waiting lists, low-income women are more likely to die unnecessarily. Social services are in critical need with the on-going recession and high unemployment rates, yet 41 states are planning to cut state-funded healthcare programs.

Eating healthy

By Tamara Nuno

Eating healthy is something that many of us deal with and it is something that should be enforced now due to obesity being so big of a problem in our society today. This video was interesting because it helped me to inform people about how to eat healthy and what steps they need take. Looking at nutrition labels helps because you can see how much fat, sugar, or calories are in a particular food.

This will help you not consume something that will help you continue to better your health and life. The video offers steps such as drinking plenty of water to aid in digestion and eating breakfast daily. The alarming thing this video pointed out was that more than 16% of U.S. children and teens are obese. We have to stop the trend and save our generation.

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