Read Food Labels but don’t trust them

Health advocates are always reminding consumers to pay close attention to the nutritional labels but now people will have to second guess the actual ingredients contained in products.
An article in the Los Angeles Times said that the Food and Drug Administration announced that their plan to increase regulation on food labeling and target the faulty logos and language that suggest a product to be healthier.
If people are buying products with the idea that it is healthier for them when it is not than how can they trust in their choice about what is good for them to eat?
Perhaps food companies are using this as a strategy to advertise their market. Many companies everywhere seem to be doing well when it comes to “Going Green” concepts. It would not be a surprise if now food companies are teaming up to do the same for food.
However the overall purpose in promoting healthier choices is lost in translation when reading these food labels because they are not exactly true.
We should increase awareness about this issue because it could affect people with serious health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These are two strong health issues that circulate our communities and more importantly, two health issues that depend on good nutrition as a way to control or prevent serious health risks.

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  1. YC said,

    November 3, 2009 at 5:53 am

    I agree that diabetes and high blood pressure are two health problems that afflict our community. This is why they should be staying away from processed food, which are the ones being slapped with false claims. Instead of eating food that claims to be healthy, how about sticking to fresh produce?

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