Feeling sick, just stay home

With the flu season fully underway, I thought it’d be appropriate to single out an article I came across.

In a piece published this week, the writer weighs the pros and cons of going to school or work while having a classic case of the old sniffles.  Five reasons are cited as to why it is best to stay at home.

From a philanthropic point of view, it’d probably be best for the person ill and all other parties to remain away from each other.  Of course, there could always be that stern boss or a midterm urging you to fulfill your duties if you’re feeling a bit under the weather. 

Although, you could be doing yourself, and others a huge favor by preventing the sniffles from encaging someone else by simply remaining at home.  Rest, and remember, drink plenty of water!

1 Comment

  1. Yazmin Cruz said,

    November 3, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I agree stay home no one wants your germs. Oh… I hear chicken soup is also helpful.

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