Troubles in youth can affect health in adulthood

It seems that the old adage of having social class in high school does carry some validity.  In an interesting article I found last week, it touched upon the idea that social status in youth can have indirect affects on one’s future health.  A particulary interesting aspect that i found was the correlation to mental health.

“The researchers studied data from 14,000 children who participated in the Stockholm Birth Cohort Study, which tracked the long-term health of Swedes born between 1953 and 2003. Specifically, Almquist and her team examined levels of popularity, power and status reported by study participants who were in sixth grade in 1966.

Using that information as a personality baseline, the team then examined the students’ health records during a 30-year-period from 1973 and 2003, focusing on hospital discharge records.”

I find it odd that similar studies have not been undertaken in the past.  It seems rather important, in my opinion, because health issues could be addressed in childhood and then be prevented from surfacing in adulthood.

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