Critical Disparities in Latino Mental Health

I was looking for information about any organization helping the Latino communities regarding mental Health. I found this interesting Report from National Council of La Raza. The name of this study is “Critical Disparities in Latino Mental Health: Transforming Research into Action”.

This study

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  1. Denise Vastola said,

    September 29, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    In scanning some of the symptoms of depression experienced by Latinos, I find them remarkably similar to my own symptoms of depression that I suffered when recovering from breast cancer 10 years ago. I’m not hispanic, so why did I have similar symptoms? I contend that while it’s always nice to speak to a niche audience, La Raza speaking to its stakeholders, to slice and dice the symptoms in a way that only Latinos “own” them is dangerous. It could imply Latinos are in some way inferior. We are all people, no matter white, black, hispanic, asia and “other.” An individual has a personal experience with depression and a general set of symptoms.

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